Top 3 Best Water Villas in Port Dickson, Malaysia Reviewed

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Port Dickson is fast becoming one of Malaysia’s hottest holiday destinations. It’s an area that offers great attractions, talcum-soft sandy beaches, and many high-end resorts. If you’ve always wanted to stay in a water villa Malaysia while visiting Port Dickson, here are three great options to consider.

  1. Avillion Port DicksonThis 4-star hotel or resort is one of Port Dickson’s premier water villas

This 4-star hotel/resort is one of Port Dickson’s premier water villas. It boasts a 24/7 pool, breakfast buffet, air conditioned rooms overlooking the water, beachfront property, with free internet and parking. It’s also a family friendly resort, great for taking family vacations.


This hotel is located on Malaysia’s 18km stretch of prime west coastline, near the Straits of Malacca. To get to this resort from Kuala Lumpur Airport you will need to take a taxi. Avillion Port Dickson is a 50-minute drive from the airport.


When choosing rooms here, you have an option to select between the chalets, villas and beach studios. Each room is equally unique. Garden chalets overlook the hotel’s magnificent garden and feature four-poster beds which are popular with honeymooners!

The water chalets are even more majestic. They sit on stilts, rising above the shallow waters, giving guests an unparalleled holiday experience. The premium beach chalets are much further out into the sea and guests can see the Straits of Malacca from their rooms.

The beach studios are like mini apartments offering a separate living space and bedrooms. They are located just in front of the Riau Beach making them great for accessing the beach and sea. They are ideal for parents vacationing with children.


There are many things to be had and enjoyed at Avillion Port Dickson – From water sports to fishing and crabbing and enjoying a quiet massage at Avi Spa. Play beach volleyball on Riau Beach, or opt for an Avillion cruise instead.

There are even a pet farm, an aviary and a spot to do some bird watching. You’ll certainly never get bored while staying at this incredible water villa Malaysia.

  1. Grand Lexis Port DicksonWhere are you ever going to find a better water villa Malaysia than this

This is another great 5-star resort/hotel in Port Dickson boasting 317 Balinese-inspired water villas.  Enjoy Asian gourmet meals, 5-star treatment at the spa, and award-winning state-of-the-art accommodation.


Grand Lexis is just an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The resort is also 5km from the Port Dickson town centre for those who wish to visit the town and do some sight-seeing.


Rooms each come with their own private pool. In fact, the hotel has gone into the Malaysian Book of Records for having the highest number of swimming pools in a hotel/resort! Hence you can relax in the privacy of your own room in your own pool. Now that’s convenience!

Where are you ever going to find a better water villa Malaysia than this? That’s not all, but you have three room choices: Above the sea, garden living and sky living.


You have over nine beaches to choose from to enjoy while staying at Grand Lexis. The nearest is Tanjung Gemuk Beach which is just 500m away. Others such as Purnama Beach which is 18.5km away will require transport which can be easily arranged for you by the reception desk.

The area is rich in history and culture, and you may be interested in taking a 20-minute drive to the state capital Seremban to see the Cultural Handicraft Complex, or the Lake Gardens, the State Museum, or simply enjoy shopping in any of one of the many shopping complexes around.

  1. Lexis Hibiscus Port DicksonThis impressive hotel is a water villa Malaysia unlike any other

This impressive hotel is a water villa Malaysia unlike any other. It boasts trendy and chic overwater villas whose rooms come fully furnished with modern conveniences such as flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, balconies, mini fridges and private steam rooms and plunge pools.


This stunning resort shaped like the flower after which it’s named is located along the Straits of Malacca. It is 60km or an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.


The rooms offered by Lexis Hibiscus rival many world class facilities. They are accommodating, spacious, tastefully finished and elegantly decorated. Each room boasts a private plunge pool and also a steam room for your pleasure. A mini fridge to quench your thirst, and HDTVs to keep you entertained.


For a lazy afternoon, spend it at any one of the 4 bars/lounges at the hotel. Dine and wine like a king or queen at any of the two hotel restaurants and enjoy some of the best Asian dishes around. Take a stroll on the beach and luxuriate in the spa when you are done. Rental bikes are also available for those keen on exploring the surrounding area.


Port Dickson is a fantastic area to holiday in, and these three hotels/resorts are among the best water villa Malaysia. Why don’t you consider staying at one of them during your next stop-over in Malaysia?