4 Critical Skills to Have as a Business Development Manager

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business development

Are you vying for one of the most lucrative business development jobs in Malaysia? You could apply for the position of a business development manager and take responsibility for generating new leads and contacts. The perks for such a profession are great, but as a job seeker, you need to be aware of your specific responsibilities before applying.


Here’s what your future employer expects you to do exceptionally well as a business development manager:

  1. Generating New Leads

A company’s growth is dependent on how quickly it can find new customers. So, your principal responsibility will be to generate sales leads.

  1. Follow-up with Fresh Leads

Businesses prefer to have any generated sales leads converted into cash as soon as possible. If you’re the business development manager, you’re expected to follow up new business opportunities swiftly. Schedule meetings with prospective clients and make a case for your brand.

  1. Presentation

The process of converting leads to customers, clients, or buyers may involve the giving of presentations. When you’re in charge of the process, you’re expected to come up with presentations aimed at providing compelling information about your employer’s products. Prospective customers may make a purchasing decision based on such presentation. Proficiency in digital presentation tools like MS PowerPoint will certainly be handy for this specific exercise.

  1. Creation of Marketing Literature

Responsibilities of a product development manager include directing the creation of marketing literature, from brochures to pamphlets to online content. Such writing must speak to specific customer needs to help with conversions.


As such, you need to be aware of your clients’ pain points before developing any promotional content aimed at them. If your company develops cloud software integration systems, for example, your marketing literature should demonstrate how this product makes life easier for subscribed clients.

Business development jobs in Malaysia are excellent career opportunities for qualified persons. But success in a career like business development manager requires an exceptional capability to generate sales leads, follow up leads, pitch products to prospects, and develop effective marketing content.