Everything You Should Know About Equipment Calibration In Malaysia

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Calibration refers to the process of measuring and determining the accuracy and reliability of a piece of equipment. Although it’s often applied to electrical devices, it can also be applied to other types of mechanical devices. Calibration is a vital process in the food industry. If you are running a restaurant in Malaysia that utilizes various equipment, it’s advisable that you have these devices calibrated on a regular basis. This is to ensure that they are functioning properly.calibration

The Importance of Equipment Calibration

Instruments tend to break down and lose some of their efficiency when they are used too often, subjected to mechanical shocks, and exposed to extreme temperature or pressure. The tolerance level of the equipment determines the regularity of their calibration. For instance, if you use a pressure meter in the kitchen for several hours a day, it might be necessary to have it calibrated at least once every two weeks. You can always change the frequency of the calibration depending on your findings from previous calibrations.

The Different Types of Calibration Service in the Food Industry

  1. Pressure calibration – This is without a doubt the most commonly used calibration process. It’s utilized to measure the accuracy of pressure gauges that you use in the kitchen. The instruments usually calibrated using this method are as follows: analogue pressure gauges, digital indicators, test gauges, barometers, digital pressure gauges, and transmitters.
  2. Temperature calibration – This is usually carried out in a controlled environment which means that the temperature is strictly regulated to ensure that it remains stable during the calibration process. It’s often performed on dial thermometers, infrared meters, thermal imaging cameras, and thermistors.
  3. Flow calibration – If you are using kitchen instruments that measure the flow of gas or liquids, this is the type of calibration used to determine their accuracy and reliability.6009025a-en-6109a-7109a-tcal-int-banner-970x374

It’s advisable that you hire an outside company offering calibration services in Malaysia to perform the process on your behalf. They are independent professionals, so you will be getting unbiased readings and measurements from them.

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