Breast Implants in Singapore: Why You Should Choose Local

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Getting a boob job, as breast augmentation is commonly called, is very popular not only in Singapore, but worldwide. Young ladies who want fuller breasts or moms who want to get their former shapely selves aim for this procedure. The most popular breast augmentation treatment in Singapore is breast implant.

Many Singaporeans consider going abroad in order to get this treatment, even when the procedure is offered locally. The most common reason is because the procedure is more expensive in Singapore than in other countries like Thailand and South Korea. If you’re thinking about getting breast augmentation but are debating whether you should get breast implants in Singapore or somewhere else, here are some pros and cons that can help you decide.Breast-implants-checked-every-three-years-732534

Quality of Breast Implants

In Bangkok, the price of silicone breast implants is SGD $700 a pair. In Singapore, the price of a pair is SGD $3,000. Quality accounts for the price difference. Keep in mind that the implants will stay in your body for life, so make sure you choose wisely.

Number of Procedures Per Clinic Per Day

The reason why Bangkok and Seoul can have cheaper breast augmentation procedures is because the clinics run treatments in volume. This means every single day, several operations will be done by the same doctors and medical practitioners. They get more profit the more operations they perform. Hence, there is a tendency for the treatment to be sped up and for your doctor to be tired when it’s your turn. Some clinics in Bangkok will give you a few minutes to choose an implant from a set they already have, then they will operate in the next hour.

On the other hand, in Singapore, the number of treatments per day is moderated in order to assure each patient that they are being given the utmost care and attention. Pre-operative consultation and post-operative care is given ample time. If you want your doctor to achieve the look that you are aiming for, you need enough time to discuss this with him. Although breast implants are low-risk, there is still a chance of contracting an infection. If you are in Singapore, you can easily contact your doctor for treatment.

Clinical and Medical Accreditation

Although many aesthetic clinics in other countries are being run by plastic surgeons, there are also those that are being run by general practitioners, dermatologists and others. Although they are also doctors, they are not accredited to perform plastic surgery, which must only be done by plastic surgeons. This practice is prevalent in China, Korea, Thailand and even in the US. Although not illegal, the lack of regulation on who can perform what procedure is the main cause of this issue.

Singapore, on the other hand, has strict regulations regarding plastic surgery and breast augmentation procedures. Only accredited plastic surgeons can perform the operation. Would you rather be operated on by a general surgeon or a plastic surgeon?

Language Concern

You want the best boob job out there, but how can you properly explain what you want if the person you are talking to can hardly understand what you are saying? There is a chance that you doctor can understand you, but he may not be able to grasp exactly what you want. If you want something altered in your body, you must not leave it to chance. If you get breast implants in Singapore, you can be sure that your doctor understands exactly what you want.breast-Implants-at-the-belv

There are many cases when breast augmentations are done beautifully from overseas. However, weighing the pros and the cons, getting your breast implants from Singapore is highly recommended. You can be assured of post-treatment care, even weeks after your surgery. If you choose to get the procedure locally, you can first develop a trusting relationship with your doctor of choice. As such, you will be more confident in undergoing a procedure that will affect your whole life.

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