4 Practical Tips for a Smooth Job Hunt in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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When looking for work in Kota Kinabalu, you must keep in mind that the region is the commercial and industrial center of Sabah, Malaysia. So it follows that most of the available jobs are concentrated around commerce and industrial manufacturing. Needless to say, when you prepare your resume and apply for vacant positions, you should tailor everything based on these industries. Below are more practical advice you should implement to increase your chances of finding good and high-paying job vacancies in Kota Kinabalu:

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  1. Contact the local office of the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR). This is the government agency that oversees labor-related issues in the country. They regularly hold job fairs that aim to connect companies with job seekers. The agency also has trade and skills programs that train people in various fields. Taking advantage of these programs can improve your resume that increasing your hire-ability.Image result for Sign up with online job portals.
  2. Sign up with online job portals. A lot of companies in Kota Kinabalu use the internet to find applicants. This is why it’s essential that you sign up with popular online job sites like Jobstreet, Jobs Central, Monster, Career Jet, Wobb, and MauKerja.
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  3. Create an online resume. Employers often require applicants to send in their resumes via email. That said, you should always have an online version of your updated resume ready.Image result for Try the cold-calling technique
  4. Try the cold-calling technique. In the simplest of terms, this method involves directly calling the human resource department of the company you want to work for. Simply call them and inquire if there are any vacant positions available. It’s a method that requires confidence on your part. You have to be able to sell yourself during the call to get the attention of the HR department.

In a nutshell, looking for a job in Kota Kinabalu is a combination of being creative with your approach and making yourself stand out from other applicants. Furthermore, patience is a virtue you must have. Never make the mistake of rushing your applications because potential employers might get the impression that you’re sloppy and irresponsible. If you follow all of these practical pieces of advice, getting your desired job should be easier.