Is Fear of Painful Dental Treatment Holding You Back? A Painless Tooth Extraction Worth Trying!

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Although much has been done to keep your tooth from hurting, sometimes an extraction is inevitable. The patient will have sufficient time to discuss with the doctor about the methods they use for pain control during the procedure.

Many dental specialists around Singapore use Sedation Dentistry in tooth extraction. They also offer a broad range of other dental care techniques to ease the pain and make the procedure a less scary affair. If you have a nagging fear when seeking dental treatment, knowing the details of a tooth extraction may help. After all, it’s usually the unknown that scares us.

What to expect when you’re on the chair

Image result for What to expect when you're on the chair when meet dentistUpon arrival for the procedure, the doctor will first dry your mouth area where local anesthetic will be applied. Afterward, he or she will use a topical anesthetic or some numbing gel around the prepared surface. After the mouth tissue is numb, the dentist issues a small dose of anesthetic, time the numbing effect, and slowly injects the remaining dose of anesthetic. The entire process might seem like a lot of time for the patients, but this takes the pain out of the injection.

The Wand, a cutting-edge injection gadget which many dentists use nowadays, helps them automatically monitor body impulse in real-time. This is essential to set the flow rate and determine the optimum pressure needed for the anesthetic. In fact, research shows about 82% of patients experience no pain from this “Wand” injection device.

Before the dentist begins the procedure, he or she should first examine the mouth tissue area to ensure it’s completely numb. Similarly, you should alert your dentist if you experience any discomfort from the procedure so that they can provide you more anesthetic.

Body language and other instruments used to ease pain

Simply raise your index finger to send a signal to your doctor and alert them that you’re hurting so that they can stop what they’re doing. Your dentist may also issue “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide) in addition to local anesthetics to keep you fully relaxed.

The gas is relayed through a mask, and you’d still be able to respond every time the dental personnel communicates to you. Many specialists usually have convenient audio headphones nearby for those who don’t want to see or hear anything of the procedure taking place. Some also provide “I glasses,” a personal kind of home theater instrument devised into a lightweight headset, to keep you fully entertained as the procedure stays in check.

Does a person experience any pain after treatment?

Image result for What to expect when you're on the chair when meet dentistDrugs like analgesics and a range of painkillers can be taken to mitigate any discomfort experienced by a patient after dental treatment. For some mild or moderate pain, the dentist can recommend over-the-counter drug like aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen to mention a few. Intense pain may require a strong medication like narcotic analgesic, which should be prescribed to you by the doctor.

Placing ice on the surface can also ease any discomfort and level the swelling. A tip: after oral surgery, it’s good to keep your head in an elevated posture to reduce bleeding and inflammation. In the first few days, avoid chewy and hard foods to stop subsequent tooth aches and biting your tongue when chewing food. And more importantly, before you depart your dentist’s office, make sure you have their contacts to easily reach them when matters of urgency arise following the procedure.

In Conclusion

Worried about visiting the dentist and dental treatments? Lucky for you, as the kind of dental treatment techniques offered nowadays is absolutely pain-free! That’s why it’s vital to take the necessary steps and check in with your doctor to get some heads-up on the various practices used to address pain.

Often, specialists deploy a wide range of medications and anxiety and pain-relieving techniques to banish any discomfort in a patient. And many times painless dental treatment is usually achieved through sedation, which seduces you to sleep when the doctor is busy pursuing procedure.

A painless tooth extraction in Singapore is among the best dental treatment procedures you can consider. Especially if the alleged tooth hurts so much, and you can’t stand the constant fear and level of pain experienced from most dental treatment techniques. To ensure your experience goes smoothly, visit a highly reputable dental clinic around your area anytime to get a pain-free dental treatment that’s worth every penny!